Big Bass Crash™ by Pragmatic Play

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure in the world of Big Bass Crash™, a new addition to Pragmatic Play’s thrilling “crash game” portfolio. Based on the award-winning slots series, this game puts you in control as our intrepid fisherman journeys to catch the biggest Bass in the pond.

Big Bass Crash™

Try the Demo Game

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Big Bass Crash™ with our exclusive demo. Click below to step into the world of lively ponds and enormous Bass for free. Experience the gameplay mechanics and unique features firsthand, all without any financial commitment.

Play for Real Money

You can enjoy the demo version of Big Bass Crash™ right here at Kabono. But if you would like to try your luck in the game with real money bets, we recommend you to check one of the following casinos:

Big Bass Crash™ Description

Big Bass Bonanza™ is a Pragmatic Play staple that has kept players reeling in prizes since 2020. The game’s popularity has resulted in many different versions, including a Christmas slot and several Megaways. But with Big Bass Crash™, Pragmatic Play is offering something unique by exploring the crash game category.

Big Bass Crash™ offers more than just the thrill of the catch. Immerse yourself in the excitement of live leaderboards, engaging multiplayer chats, and other interactive features that create a vibrant and social gaming atmosphere. Your goal? To reel in as many Big Bass as possible and cash out your wins before the inevitable crash occurs.

How To Play

Are you ready to reel in some wins? As a new crash game, Big Bass Crash™ works a bit differently than the title slot. Here, you are in control of your winnings and need to strategically decide when to cash out.

  1. Make a Bet: The countdown to the next game is short, giving you just enough time to select your bet amount and exchange words of encouragement with fellow Big Bass enthusiasts.
  2. Go Fish!: Watch in anticipation as our fisherman dashes fervently for the Big Bass. With every second, the multiplier grows, but how long can he keep it up? It’s your guess that determines your winnings.
  3. Cash Out: The game ends when you decide to cash out, securing your bet multiplier displayed on the screen. Alternatively, it concludes when our fisherman loses his net (and you subsequently lose your wager).

Make Use of the Cashout Options

If you prefer, you can choose an auto cashout option for your bets. This way, you won’t have to decide when to cash out, but simply leave it up to the game.

Auto cashout is normal in crash games, but one of the key features of this game is the unique “Cashout 50%” option. This allows you to secure half your bet and go for a higher, albeit riskier, reward.

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Dive into the depths of Big Bass Crash™ right here at Experience the excitement, test your strategy, and reel in your wins. Don’t miss out on this unique fishing adventure waiting to be enjoyed!