Best Roulette Sites in the UK

Roulette is a popular casino game that can today be enjoyed online. If you want to learn more about online roulette and find the best roulette sites for UK players, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will guide you through how the game works and recommend the very best online casinos to play at.

Top Online Roulette Sites UK

Check our list of the top 10 roulette sites for British players at the moment and sign up at your preferred casino.



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Introduction to Roulette

Roulette wheel

Roulette is a casino game that has been around for centuries. It was first played in casinos in Paris in the 18th century and quickly gained popularity in the rest of Europe and the US. It is believed that the game is based on an invention by Blaise Pascal, as he developed the roulette wheel “by chance” in his search for a perpetual motion machine.

The game consists of a few different components: A spinning wheel with coloured and numbered pockets, a small ball that is dropped into the wheel, and a layout where bets are placed. The aim is to correctly bet where the ball will end up, with a lot of different options available.

The gameplay of roulette is quite straightforward: There is a roulette wheel with 37 or 38 pockets where a small white ball will end up in one of them. Every other pocket is red and black, apart from one (or two) zero pocket that is green. You can choose to bet on outcomes such as a specific number, a colour, odds/even, or a selection of numbers.

Depending on the version you play (European, French or American) there will be some small differences, but in general, you will meet the same rules and bets. Further down, we will explain the different bets and variants available in more detail.

How To Play Online Roulette

In order to play roulette online, you need to sign up at a roulette site. This is an online casino that offers roulette games. The good news is that these days, most online casinos offer several games of roulette – with both virtual and live versions. Once you have your account up and running, you can start playing.

Playing online roulette is very similar to playing it at a casino: you will still see the roulette wheel, a green felt where you place your bets, and the small ball that will land in a numbered and coloured pocket. It is just that the game setup will either be virtual (video-generated) or live-streamed from a studio.

PS: We also have a full guide dedicated to the best online roulette strategies.

Virtual vs. Live Roulette

When playing roulette online, you will have two main game categories to choose from: Roulette simulators (virtual) and live roulette. Simulators are video-generated games where software controls the game. There is no dealer, no real roulette wheel etc – it is all virtual.

The second, more modern category is live casino roulette. Playing at a live casino online has become increasingly popular in recent years. While you still play online, directly from your device, what you see on screen is both real and live. A real person (dealer) spins the wheel in a studio or another land-based establishment, and you can follow the action on screen as it is streamed directly to the game.

Both variants come with their own benefits and disadvantages, and in the end, it is up to you to find what you prefer the most. We recommend trying a few different game versions, preferably from different game providers, to find your favourite.

Different Roulette Bets

When playing roulette, the overall aim is to correctly bet on where the ball will end up once it loses its momentum. The little white ball is dropped into the spinning wheel and will spin around until it finally drops into a pocket. That pocket will have a specific number and colour, but that is not all you can bet on.

The game offers lots of different betting options. They are divided into what is known as “inside bets” and “outside bets”. Here are some examples of what you can bet on in roulette:

Inside Bets

  • Straight: A single number
  • Split: Two vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers
  • Street: Three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line
  • Corner: Four numbers that meet at a corner
Roulette table and gnome

Outside Bets

  • Red or black
  • Odd or even
  • Low or high: Numbers 1-18 or 19-36
  • Dozen: 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36
  • Column: A vertical column of 12 numbers

Are you confused by all the words and phrases used? Check our roulette terms guide for more in-depth explanations!

In general, outside bets are easier to get right than inside bets as the odds are higher. As an example, red/black and odd/even come with an almost 50/50 chance. It is only slightly lower due to the house edge from the green zero pocket(s).

The higher odds mean that the payouts are smaller for outside bets. Still, we recommend starting out with these simpler bets at first. Once you feel more confident with the gameplay, you can switch to inside bets.

Benefits of Online Roulette Casinos

The main difference (and selling point) with roulette online is that you don’t have to go anywhere to start playing. Instead, the game is brought to you. Once the roulette wheel starts spinning, you can expect the same excitement as at a land-based casino, but from the comfort of your home. You can even play from your mobile while on the go.

Some of the main benefits of playing roulette online include the following:

  1. Play whenever and from wherever you wish
  2. Choose from hundreds of different roulette games
  3. Find game variants that fit your budget and other preferences
  4. Get help thanks to information, automation and hints in the games
  5. Rest assured that the game is not broken or rigged (as long as you play at a licensed casino)

All in all, online roulette is just as fun as playing land-based, but a lot more convenient. Simply find a roulette casino online, sign up and log in to your account, open a game and play.

American vs. European Roulette

Roulette is known as one of the most-played casino games and there are many variants of the game. Some of the most common ones are American, European and French roulette. French roulette is a version of the European variant with some additional rules that we will come back to. The biggest distinction can be seen by comparing American and European roulette. These two versions of the game have different layouts, rules and house edges.

Different Wheel

By merely looking at the roulette table itself, you can see the difference between American and European roulette, thanks to a small but noticeable distinction. The European roulette wheel has 36 numbered pockets that are either red or black and one green pocket with the number 0. This gives a total of 37 numbered pockets on the wheel. The American wheel, on the other hand, has a total of 38 pockets. This is due to an additional green pocket (00). 

Different House Edge

Put simply, the green pockets are there to add an edge to the casino. If there were only 36 numbered pockets that were all black and red, a bet on black, red, odd or even would guarantee a 50/50 chance to win. With the addition of a green pocket, the casino lowers the player’s odds slightly. And by adding a second green pocket, the house edge is increased further.

The house edge in American roulette is 5.26% (which is quite a lot), compared to European roulette where the house edge is 2.7%.

What is French Roulette Then?

French roulette is a version of the game that you might come across. This version is based on the European game and therefore comes with a total of 37 (not 38) pockets on the wheel. This version comes with an added advantage to players as it offers two additional rules related to the zero-pocket. The rules are called En Prison and La Partage.

En prison (translation: in jail) means that if you place an outside bet and the ball lands on zero, the bet is frozen (“in jail”) on the table and valid for another round. In other words, you get an additional round for free where you can win as normal. La Partage translates to “the share”. This rule also offers an added player advantage if the ball lands in the zero pocket. That is because you will only lose half your bet, while the other half is returned to you. So instead of losing your full bet, you get half returned as a “cashback”.

Choose Wisely

Roulette is a game mainly based on luck, but you can be a bit strategic when placing your bets and choosing your game. That is because the payout of the result will depend on the odds (likelihood) of that outcome and the house edge. Therefore it is always recommended to play European or French roulette games rather than American versions. The best thing to do is to find online roulette UK sites that give players the best deals possible, such as bonuses and other promotions that can help increase your winning chances.

Where to Find the Best Online Roulette Sites

Here at Kabono, we list the very best online roulette sites UK players can enjoy. We review lots of roulette casinos and recommend only the very best (and safest) options. At these top sites, you can browse a selection of different roulette games including live casino roulette. Just check our top list at the top of this page and other recommendations throughout this guide for the best options at the moment.

Real Money Roulette Online

While some casinos offer you the chance to try out roulette simulator games for free (in demo mode), you will need to play for real money in order to win real money.

At free roulette sites, you won’t get any real winnings. But one option is to make use of bonuses at casinos. This will basically give you the chance to play “for free” (using a bonus), while getting real winnings.

Please note that if you want to play live casino versions of roulette, these are normally only available for real money play. Sometimes the same goes for games on a casino’s mobile platform. At the same time, we will argue that these are the best online roulette for real money options to try out.

Best Live Roulette Sites

Our favourite way to play roulette online is by playing live casino games. This combines the best of both worlds with a live dealer online to give a more real roulette experience. You can play the games from your desktop or mobile, but you’ll be met with real dealers and live action.

Most casinos these days offer a good selection of live roulette games from Evolution Gaming or other providers. These games are streamed from a land-based casino or game studio where a dealer spins an actual wheel and announces the winners.

New Roulette Sites

Roulette is a popular game amongst casino players. Therefore, most online casinos today will offer at least one roulette simulator and probably some live casino games too. And with new casinos being established all the time, there are lots more to come! Just keep an eye on this page to be up to date with the newest and best online roulette gambling sites. Here are some of our latest favourites:


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Online Roulette FAQ

We have written this guide in order to give you a proper introduction to online roulette for UK players. Roulette is a popular casino game that you will find in most online casino games these days. It is quite an easy game to play and we hope that our explanations have explained everything you need to know. To round off, we will answer the most common questions we receive about online roulette.

  • How does online roulette work?

    Online roulette works similar to land-based roulette, with the main exception that the game is played online. Online roulette can either be played from a real-money or free roulette simulator (virtual) or with a live roulette table game.

  • Is it legal to play online roulette UK?

    Yes, as long as you play at a casino site that is licensed by the UKGC, it is totally safe and legal to play roulette online. We only list casinos that are properly licensed for UK players.

  • Are online roulette games safe?

    Yes, as long as you play at a licensed online casino, you can rest assured that all games are safe and fair. The games will be developed by industry-leading game providers using software to ensure random outcomes.

  • Is there only one roulette casino game?

    No, there are many different versions of roulette. This includes the different variants of European, French and American roulette, as well as modern versions such as speed roulette and mini roulette.

  • Is roulette random?

    Yes, the outcome of roulette is 100% random. No matter where the ball has landed before, it is completely random where it will land in the next round.

  • What is the best online roulette site UK?

    Most online casinos these days will offer a selection of roulette games, but some are better than others. Some of our favourites of UK roulette sites include NetBet, BetUK and Rizk that all offer unique, brand-exclusive games.

The only question that remains is:

Are you ready to play roulette online?

Head back up to the list of the top 10 roulette sites at the moment, pick your favourite and get those wheels spinning!

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