Roulette Strategies – Do They Actually Work?

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Roulette strategies

Roulette is not only a casino game but for many the casino game. Especially at land-based casinos, you’ll always see a crowd flocking around the Roulette table as the wheel starts spinning. And with online casinos, the game has made its way into all of our homes. There are even live casino versions with real dealers! 

But how can you win in Roulette? There are many Roulette strategies in place, and in this article, we will debunk them all and see how they all work.

The History of Roulette

Roulette is a casino game that ended up by chance. Many believe that the game was invented by Blaise Pascal back in the 17th century and was not planned to be a game at all. The wheel was actually invented in search of the motion machine. But as luck had it, it became the starting point of the beloved casino game instead.

Roulette means “little wheel” in French, modestly named after actually the most important part of the game. There are several versions available of the game, with the most common ones being European, French, and American Roulette. While the wheel and house edge differ slightly, the main aim is always the same; to bet correctly on where the ball will end up once the wheel stops.

How to Play Roulette

When playing Roulette, you will meet a wheel and a betting table. The wheel has red and black pockets numbered from 1 to 36, plus one or two green 0 pockets. The American version has two zero-pockets (0 and 00) which increases the house edge of this version. On the betting table, you can lay your bets on anything from colour or odd/even, to a specific number or line. The payout odds will depend on the probability of the outcome.

Roulette wheel

Different Roulette Strategies

As it can be difficult to know what to bet on and how to keep betting, many Roulette strategies have been introduced. While they can’t guarantee a big win, they can all make it easier for you to have control of your bankroll when playing. Let us introduce five of the most popular systems and strategies:

The Paroli Betting System

Let’s first start off with a Roulette strategy that is actually more of a betting system. The Paroli Betting System is a type of positive betting progression. When it was introduced in the 16th century, the system was used for the Italian card game Basset. But today, it can be used on Roulette as well as other casino games such as Craps, Sic Bo and Baccarat. The system is also called the Reverse Martingale.

In all simplicity, the Paroli betting system works in that the player will keep doubling the wager for each winning bet. This is done until three consecutive wins are achieved, which is the object of the system. The player should bet on an even money outcome such as red or black, odd or even. If the wager is lost, the same wager should be completed again. There are many possible outcomes, but if the player loses three bets in a row, the system stops.

Some possible outcomes:

First BetSecond BetThird BetResult
-1 Loss-1 Loss-1 Loss-3 Loss
-1 Loss-1 Loss+1 Win-1 Loss
+1 Win-2 Loss+1 Win0 (progression continues)
+1 Win+2 Win+4 Win+7 Win

The Fibonacci Strategy

Contrary to the Paroli Betting System, The Fibonacci Strategy is a negative progression betting system. This means that players should increase their wager if the bet is lost. This strategy is also commonly used on even money bets (either/or bets). The Fibonacci Sequence, which the strategy is based on, was introduced before the 13th century. Today it is not only used for gambling but also for example in investment calculations.

When playing Roulette, the strategy is quite simple. It simply follows the Fibonacci Sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 5….) without the starting zero. It is important to remember that your first wager shouldn’t be too high, as you will end up increasing it several times if you lose your bet. Start by placing a bet and if you lose your wager, you will wager according to the Fibonacci Sequence. You will do this for every loss, continuously increasing your stake.

Example: If you initially wager £5 and lose five bets in a row, you would have bet the following.

Bet numberFibonacci SequenceWagerTotal wager (and loss)

The Martingale Strategy in Roulette

The Martingale Strategy is a very popular and also easy strategy to use in Roulette. There are actually various Martingale strategies, as a Martingale refers to any betting system from 18th century France. The most common – and easy to learn – is to simply double the wager after any loss.

Like the other strategies, the Martingale system is to be used on even-money bets. This is because betting on for example red or black gives an almost 50/50 chance of a win. Only the small house edge from the green zero pocket(s) makes the bet not a clear 50%.

Start by placing the bet of your choice. Remember that you will be doubling it several times, so start with a small enough bet to make this possible. Then if you lose, you will continue doubling the bet until you win your money – and prize – back.

If you start by betting £5 and lose four bets in a row, winning the fifth, it will look like this:

Bet numberWagerResult
1 (loss)£5-£5
2 (loss)£10-£15
3 (loss)£20-£35
4 (loss)£40-£75
5 (win)£80+£5

Reverse Martingale

The Reverse Martingale system is also known as Paroli, which we have already discussed as the first strategy. It’s a positive progression betting system where the aim is to have three consecutive winning bets.

James Bond’s strategy

James Bond - Sean Connery

The final strategy has quite the fancy name, known as James Bond’s strategy. This is not a progressive but flat betting system. This means that, like Paroli, you will wager the same amount of money each round. A difference here is that instead of placing a bet on just 1 outcome, you spread your wager on several outcomes. Ideally you should £20 (or £200 or even £2000 if you can) per round.

How to spend the £20:

  • £1 on 0
  • £5 on the line bet 13-14-15-16-17-18
  • £14 on 19-36

This bet will give a total of 25 winning numbers compared to the 12 losing numbers. The outcome can be as follows:

Landing numberWagerResult

Other roulette strategies

In addition to the Roulette strategies already listed, there are tons of other strategies out there. They all have the aim to make the game both more structured and successful. And while these strategies can help you along the way, it is important to not follow them blindly. 

Use these strategies and others as a starting point and guide, but not something to be followed religiously. Also remember that these strategies are mostly designed to be used on even-money bets and not, for example, betting a specific number.


There are many Roulette Strategies to try when playing this and other casino games. And while they might look confusing at first glance, they are all quite easy to follow. Worst case, you will just have to memorize – or note down – some number sequences.

While all of the Roulette strategies above can make it easier to get an overview of your bankroll, it is important to remember that in the end, Roulette is all about luck. You can’t predict what the next outcome will be based on previous outcomes. Therefore, remember to always stick to your budget and to have fun while playing!

If you don’t know where to start, check out some of our recommended casinos.

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