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casino game rtp
Casino Questions Answered 02-03-2022

What Does RTP Mean?

Have you ever wondered about how the payout mechanism of online casino games work, and how likely it is that you land a win? This is all related to two important abbreviations: RNG and RTP. In this guide, I am taking a deep dive into the world of casino wins as I explain what RTP […]

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How to avoid falling for gambler’s fallacy
Casino Questions Answered 05-01-2022

What is Gambler’s Fallacy & How Can You Avoid Falling For it?

When gambling at a land-based or online casino, most games come with totally random outcomes. This means that it is up to chance if you win or not, based on a sequence of random numbers to ensure fair play. But even though the result of a game like Roulette or the winner of a grand […]

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Casino withdrawal artwork
Casino Questions Answered 23-11-2021

Can Casino Withdrawals be Completed 24/7?

Have you ever needed to withdraw some cash from an ATM late at night or during the weekend? We’re sure you haven’t stopped to think if the ATM was open or not – it’s a given that it is. But what about when you want to cash out money from an online casino? Here we […]

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casino birthday bonus artwork with balloons
Bonus Tips 04-11-2021

What is a Casino Birthday Bonus?

Online casinos hand out lots of bonuses and host new promotions for their players all the time. Wouldn’t it then make sense that they gave a little token of appreciation also to celebrate birthdays? Many do, in the form of a casino birthday bonus. Here we look at what that means and how you can […]

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artwork free online casino playing
Bonus Tips 19-10-2021

How to Play Online Casino For Free?

Online casino games are hazard games where you can win real money online. Therefore, you normally have to deposit and play with real money in order to get the full experience. But there are actually some ways you can play online casino for free. Read this guide to find out how! 1. Online Casino with […]

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How to keep what you win from free spins
Bonus Tips 01-09-2021

How to Keep What You Win From Free Spins?

Most online casinos offer bonuses to new and seasoned players alike. Some of the most popular bonuses available are free spins. While these bonuses might be given for free, they sometimes come with a price as there are wagering requirements in place. This means that even if you win something from your spins, you won’t […]

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How Online Casinos Catch Cheaters Featured
Casino Questions Answered 29-03-2021

How do Online Casinos Catch Cheaters?

If you’ve ever been to an actual casino, you would’ve observed that aside from multiple security cameras, lots of security personnel are also present to monitor what is happening inside the casino and for the most important purpose – to catch cheaters.  But have you ever wondered how it works with an online casino, where […]

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Deposit Match Bonus Featured Image
Bonus Tips 10-02-2021

How does a Deposit Match Bonus Work?

Are you looking to make a deposit at an online casino but want to make sure you get your money’s worth? Then a lucrative deposit match bonus is what you need to be on the lookout for. With this type of bonus, the casino will literally give you money when you make a deposit. Intriguing? […]

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legal gambling age in the uk header
Casino Questions Answered 29-09-2020

Legal Gambling Age UK – How old do you have to be to gamble?

Are you interested in gambling but not sure about the legal gambling age UK has set? We don’t blame you, as it is not a definitive number. Luckily it is quite easy to get an overview of! Just keep reading our guide to ensure you never partake in any underage gambling.  What is the legal […]

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Progressive Jackpot Slots Header
Casino Questions Answered 12-08-2020

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots and How do They Work?

Progressive jackpot slots are maybe the most fun games you will find at an online casino. While the gameplay is as easy as on any other slot, the potential winnings are so much higher. Do you want to be the lucky winner of a grand jackpot? Then read on to learn more about the best […]

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