What are Casino Bonus Codes and How do They Work?

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In your casino questions answered, we look at and explain common questions related to online casinos. In this article, we answer the questions “What are casino bonus codes?” and “How do casino bonus codes work?”

In order to get the best casino bonuses, you sometimes need to make use of exclusive casino bonus codes. They can be found on the casino’s website, given through email campaigns, or created specifically for comparison sites such as Kabono. 

Some of the casino bonuses we recommend come with bonus codes, which might be a bit confusing if you are new to the gambling world.

Wondering how these codes work? Learn everything there is to know about casino bonus codes and their benefits at KABONO in this guide!

What are Casino Bonus Codes?

As the name suggests, casino bonus codes are codes related to casino bonuses. Sometimes when giving out a bonus, online casinos will require you to input a specific code in order to get it. These codes will normally be written in caps and be a combination of letters and numbers, like “KABONO100”.

You can compare casino bonus codes to coupon codes or discount codes used when shopping online. Instead of getting a discount on your purchase, these codes give you the benefit of additional money or free spins. This can be awarded both with a deposit or as a no deposit bonus.

How to use a Casino Bonus Code

Using a bonus code is normally very straightforward:

  1. Find the code from the casino, an email or a casino review
  2. Log in to the casino the code is available for
  3. Go the cashier section
  4. Make the minimum deposit required to get the bonus (or more)
  5. Write in the bonus code exactly as it is given
  6. Click Redeem and see the bonus being credit instantly!

Depending on the bonus in question, the steps might differ a bit. Normally the bonus code is added when you make your deposit (before confirming). Sometimes, no code is needed but you need to choose a bonus from a drop-down menu in the deposit. And sometimes, no deposit is needed at all! Read more about no deposit casino bonus codes further down.

Important Information

It is always important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the bonus before you opt-in for it.

Why do I Need a Bonus Code?

Not every casino bonus will require a code for you to get it. Sometimes, casino bonuses are given without the need for any code at all. But other bonuses will require bonus codes in order for you to get the bonus in question. This means that if you make a deposit as required but don’t input the casino bonus code, you won’t receive the bonus.

Sometimes bonus codes are given as exclusive perks for some players. The promotion might not be advertised on the casino page and therefore you will need to include the code in order for the casino to see you are eligible for the bonus.

There are also some casino players who don’t want all the bonuses available, but still want to make a regular deposit. This way, using casino bonus codes, it is easy for the casino to see which players want the bonus and which do not. 

To put it simply: Often you need a bonus code in order to get the bonus!

Where to find Bonus Codes?

Some casino bonus codes are available to all while others are exclusive. That is why it is important to keep up to date on the following, where codes are normally found:

  • On the casino front page
  • On the casino promotions page
  • In email or SMS marketing messages
  • At Kabono.com

As online casino bonus codes change all the time and often are exclusive, it is impossible to list all the current codes available. But here at Kabono, we do our best to list both regular and our exclusive codes. You can find bonus codes in our top lists and casino reviews. In addition, we post casino news when any fun bonuses or promotions are available – many of which have a bonus code requirement.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

Bonus codes can be given on many different bonuses, and one of the most lucrative ones is, of course, the no deposit bonus. Some casinos will give you free money or free spins just for signing up, without any deposit required. They might also give you such bonuses at random at a later time after you’ve been signed up for a while. In order to get them, you will normally need to enter a unique no deposit bonus code.

What are Casino Bonus Codes no Deposit?

No deposit bonus codes work just like other casino bonus codes, with the exception that they won’t require you to make a deposit in order to get the bonus. If you find a casino with such codes, all you need to do is to input the code and the bonus will be credited to your account. Simply enter the code when signing up or opt-in for the bonus from a button, and you have a free bonus added instantly.


  • What is a casino bonus code?

    A bonus code works in the same way as a discount code at online shops, but instead of getting a discount, you get a bonus amount or free spins.

  • What is a no deposit bonus code?

    A no deposit bonus code is a bonus code that can grant you a free bonus without the need for making a deposit first.

  • Can I use a casino bonus code more than once?

    No, normally bonus codes are only to be used once per player/household.

  • Do all casino bonuses require a bonus code?

    No, some bonuses will be given instantly on deposit or by opting in without the need of a bonus code.

  • Are there any no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players in the UK?

    Yes, there sure is! While no deposit bonuses often are given as part of a welcome bonus, there are also no deposit casino bonuses for existing players – often given through a bonus code.

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