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How do Online Casinos Catch Cheaters?

How Online Casinos Catch Cheaters Featured
Robert Cohen

If youโ€™ve ever been to an actual casino, you wouldโ€™ve observed that aside from multiple security cameras, lots of security personnel are also present to monitor what is happening inside the casino and for the most important purpose โ€“ to catch cheaters. 

But have you ever wondered how it works with an online casino, where the players are virtually connected and movements cannot be completely monitored? Keep reading to find out!

Does cheating work in an online casino?

Hard as it may be, the answer is technically yes. But aside from hacking into the system, you can most likely only cheat in an online casinoโ€™s multiplayer game like live poker. 

Online poker players can easily conspire with their friends and reveal hands to each other while seated at the same poker table. Unfortunately for cheating players, gambling sites nowadays have already taken advantage of the evolving technology. They use extensive fraud prevention software with unique algorithms to track the playersโ€™ behaviour and playing patterns to counter this kind of cheating and scams. 

Fraud prevention at online casinos

Online casino owners already know they will be dealing with these kinds of problems, so to protect their investment, they try hard to think a step ahead and think in a more clever way than potential cheaters. As a result, almost all the loopholes that worked on cheating before don’t work today. 

Even bots that some players used so that they can play and win nonstop are now banned. Online casinos don’t only do this because of their investment, but also to ensure that the casino is ethical and players have confidence playing their games. 

Is it illegal to cheat in an online casino?

Without a doubt, yes! All businesses, including online casinos, have Terms and Conditions that their customers (players) have to accept before starting to play. Cheating obviously will be against their terms and conditions. If you breach T&Cs, you might be charged with fraud โ€“ using deception to the detriment of another for the purpose of monetary gain. And as most people know, fraud is illegal pretty much everywhere.

So, should you try to cheat?

Definitely no. Although it is possible to cheat, keep in mind the differences between a land based casino and a live casino. They canโ€™t physically see you and talk to you, so claiming your winnings in an online casino isnโ€™t instant. And most of the time, they require more proof of your identity before they release your winnings. 

Aside from the fact that the claiming process could take days to complete, they may also use those days to review and analyze the game results and your playing pattern to see if there’s any suspicious behaviour and decide if youโ€™re a credible winner. So if you want to keep your winnings, you should ensure they are won fair and square.


Though it is possible to cheat in an online casino to gain money, you should always keep in mind that online casinos use extensive software with unique algorithms. You might get away with cheating once or twice, but thereโ€™s no guarantee it will still work in the future. They will find the loophole you used and eventually close down your technique completely. And if ever you get caught red-handed, do you think that the little money you earned is enough for you to get jailed and marked as a cheater? Definitely no. 

Always play ethically, and just enjoy playing and winning with the other players. Happy playing!

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