New and Tighter Measures from UKGC During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Kabono News: UKGC Measures

The UK Gambling Commission has issued new guidelines to betting firms with tighter measures during the COVID-19 lockdown. The guidelines published on May 12th are put in place to ensure that casino players are protected from problem gambling.

The new guidelines are issued for the COVID-19 outbreak specifically. The additional guidelines are put in place for remote operators during the pandemic lockdown. Overall these new measures focus on more communication with and overview of the casino players. This is to identify players who might be at risk of problem gambling.

What are the Guidelines Saying?

In order to minimise problem gambling and identify players who might be at risk, the UKGC has put in place specific measures. This includes checking in with customers who have been playing for more than one hour. Operators should also take notice of a player’s playing and spending habits.

In addition, affordability assessments of players who seem to be at risk should be conducted. It is also recommended to block these users while the checks are in progress. The players who seem at risk should also not be able to access bonuses and promotions. Finally, reverse withdrawal options should be prevented for now.

These measures are all put in place for an indefinite period. The aim is to protect players from getting into financial difficulties through problem gambling. While these measures are brand new, they will surely be checked closely by the UKGC.

Earlier this year, the UKGC has fined several casino operators who did not ensure players safety and follow the measures given by the commission. At the same time, measures from the UKGC such as the Credit Card ban has been found to have loopholes.

Why are these Measures put in Place?

The new guidelines were put in place following a report from the UKGC outlining the impact the Coronavirus lockdown has had on the gambling industry. Gambling activities has overall gone down following the cancellation of many sporting events and closure of landbased casinos. But problem gamblers are still at risk with an increase in casino games such as slots and poker. 

The newest measures must be followed by casino operators licensed by the UKGC, but are ultimately there for the player’s interest. The UKGC always have the player’s interest first in mind.

Responsible Gambling

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the regulatory body responsible for all gaming activities in the UK. This includes remote companies catering to British players. All casinos operating in the UK market must have a valid license from the UKGC, which comes with many rules and regulations to follow. All these regulations are set in place to protect players’ interest and ensure responsible gambling.

As a player at an online casino, it is important to always play responsibly. This includes following a set budget when playing and never playing while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All online casinos for the UK market also have helping tools available for those who need help. This includes spending limits and self-exclusion. Contact your online casino for more information! 


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